Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

BFA believes in the following code of conduct. This code represents a competitive sport philosophy that will allow us to succeed at the game of soccer. We believe that soccer belongs to its players and should always be to their enjoyment. We believe that all players as well as parents, guests and coaches must adhere to these standards of good sportsmanship.


1. I recognize that BFA is a select group of athletes that understand that discipline is required to play soccer at a high level.
2. I will work very hard, have fun, and will be fair at all times.
3. I will act in a cooperative manner with my coach, manager, referees and team-mate.
4. I will understand and obey the rules of the games.
5. I will respect the coaches, officials, parents and all players regardless of race, religion,
gender or athletic ability.
6. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct such as booing, ridiculing, taunting, refusal
to shake hands or usage of any profane language or gestures.
7. I will always do my best.
8. I will always play by the rules of the tournaments or matches and the laws of the game.
9. I will always play fairly with good sportsmanship.
10. I will never intentionally become involved in acts of foul play.
11. I will work for the good of my team.
12. I will always participate for my own enjoyment and benefit.
13. I will accept the decision of game officials and coaches though I may not always agree with the decision. Talking back to coaches or any official is not acceptable.
14. I will be generous when I win and gracious when I lose.
15. I will shake hands with and thank the opposition at the end of the game no matter what the outcome.
16. I will care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to me during training and competition.
17. I will not use or promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs at any time.


1. To attend the required number of practices/games in-line with the BFA Attendance Policy.
2. Keep my skill level at the level of my team or strive to improve it to a better level.
3. Do my homework and other school activities to a very high standard and complete them to avoid interfering with soccer practices and games.
4. Let my coach know as soon as possible if I will be late or miss my practice or game.
5. Be disciplined, focused and ready to train on practice days and ready to play on match days.
6. Always come ready to play with, cleats/boots, shin guards and LOTS of water.
7. Always bring any necessary medications like inhalers.

Failure to abide by BFA Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action that could include but is not limited to the following:

 verbal warning by the coach
 written warning
 action by BFA that may include but is not limited to:

 Player practice suspension with written documentation of the incident
 Player game suspension with written documentation of the incident
 Player Season suspension

** Any suspension or expulsion from BFA team for disciplinary reasons will not result in a refund.

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