BFA Discipline Policy

To ensure we maintain a fun and productive environment conductive to all participants gaining maximum enjoyment we must pay attention to the behaviour of all participants.  We ask all players to read and adhere to the players code of conduct when they join our classes and teams. These can be found on our web-site for your reference.

Please note the following BFA disciplinary steps when dealing with players.

Step 1
Verbal warning from the team coach.
Step 2
Time out from training or suspension from games
Step 3
Official verbal warning from the Head Coach
Step 4
Formal written warning
Step 5
Removal from team

* Exceptional Circumstances

In the event of gross violation of the players’ code of conduct, the offender may circumvent the above sequence, and face alternative disciplinary action deemed appropriate. The decision to impose such action is at the discretion of BFA team coach, head coach.

**Please note when step 5 is enforced no appeal will be considered**

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