BFA Attendance Policy

As a member of BFA you are making a commitment to your team-mates and your coach. As such players should aim to attend ALL practices and games.

We understand that at times it is not possible for players to attend all BFA commitments, however we expect that you will inform either the office by email or phone call if situations arise. In case its a last minute emergency you are expected to call the Head Coach or team coach personally.

BFA will closely monitor the level of attendance. Anything less then an 80% attendance record over a given month may be a sign of poor commitment.
If a child’s attendance drops below this level, parents will be contacted to help us further understand the issues. If you are unable to make this commitment level on any given month you should discuss the situation with BFA head coach to make suitable arrangements prior to your planned absences.

Note: Attendance and commitment levels along with skill and attitude will be taken into consideration when selecting teams on Match days.

Excused absences must be communicated by email to Examples of an excused absence are listed below.

Child is ill or injured and is therefore unable to train.
Close family functions.
A family members birthday

All non-communicated absences will be considered as an unexcused absence, unless exceptional circumstances are involved. Unexcused absences are very disruptive in a select team environment and will be dealt with as follows:

1. The first and second unexcused absences will be recorded but no contact will made with parents at this stage.

2. On the third unexcused absence the player’s parents will be contacted. The player’s position in the starting line-up is now in jeopardy.


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