Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

BFA has the following set standards that outline a philosophy that is paramount to the game of soccer. We believe that soccer belongs to its players and should always be to their enjoyment. We believe that parents as well as coaches, guests and players must
adhere to the standards of good sportsmanship.


BFA expects that all parents and supporters will:
1. Gain an understanding of the rules of the game and learn the policies of the various
leagues BFA participate in.
2. Encourage their child to play according to the rules of the game and to settle
disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.
3. Remain positive and encouraging towards all children, not just their own.
4. Stress that doing one’s best is more important than winning.
5. Bear in mind that their child participates in soccer for THEIR enjoyment.
6. Applaud the opposition as well as their own team.
7. Avoid coaching the children during the game.
8. Support the coach and not do or say anything contrary to the coach’s instructions or
intentions during games or practices.
9. Value the importance of volunteer coaches and referees and offer their full support.
10. Respect all coaches and not confront coaches or officials in front of players and to
discuss the matter at an agreed upon place and time.
11. Not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct such as booing, ridiculing, taunting,
refusal to shake hands or usage of any profane language or gestures.
12. Not use or tolerate inappropriate language.
13. Be a positive role model and encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect, courtesy and positive support to all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every practice and/or game.
14. Require that their child treat everyone with respect regardless of race, religion, gender or
athletic ability.
15. Not shout at players, coaches or officials.
16. Respect the referee’s decision and encourage all players to do likewise.
17. Ensure their child wears appropriate equipment (shin pads) at all times of play.
18. Ensure that if their child wears corrective lenses that these are appropriate for contact sports and safe

19. Ensure that their child does not wear watches or jewellery whilst playing.
20. Ensure that their child does not take part in training, tournaments or matches if ill or injured.
21. Demand a sports environment that is free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
22. Follow the guidelines on the use of cameras and videos


1. Bring your child to practices and games ON TIME.
2. Notify your coach as soon as possible for any missed practice or game.
3. Help manage their school assignments and activities so as not to miss practices or matches.
4. Notify your coach of any physical ailments/disability that may affect the safety of any player.
5. Respect the coaches’ decisions.
6. If I want to discuss something with the coach, I will wait until the appropriate time to do
so i.e. after the match.

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