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Brazilian Football Academy is dedicated to developing soccer schools, classes and teams for boys and girls that engage in various tournaments and friendly matches around Hong Kong and sometimes overseas.

Our aim is to remove the emphasis from winning and focus on long term development of players. By celebrating spirit, sportsmanship, skill and good character participants have an opportunity to realize their full potential as a responsible member of society and as a Football player.

We strive to develop children who are independent, value learning, are creative and enjoy playing football as part of a team. We should remember at all times that the game of soccer is just that–a game.
The number one reason (well documented in a number of studies) children participate in soccer is to have fun. If they don’t have fun, they will soon quit. It is detrimental to the player if there is too much pressure placed on them too early to achieve a result rather than simply experiencing the sheer joy of a youth game.

BFA wants you to respect the game of soccer, respect the players, the opponents, the referee, and the parents. Players should come out of their experience with the coach as better people and better citizens, not just better soccer players. So please take the responsibility of instructing the players with a great deal of care and joy.

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