Team Details
Age Group: U10’s
Assistant Coach: Warren
Head Coach: Coach Olivier
Association: HKJFL and Soccer Sevens
ACHV: HKJFL Champ Cup Winners - Soccer Sevens Bowl Winners 2016



BFA U-10’s are chosen by our soccer coaches from our classes at Stanley Ho Sports Centre on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, We have teams A and B. Kids from other venues and teams are also very welcome to come for a FREE TRIAL assessment. Book your trial today by emailing us at info@bfa.hk or give us a call on 3488-7724.

This year BFA U-10’s team are all born in 2010,  our U-10’s play lots of friendly games and tournaments in Hong Kong and overseas and at the moment are participating in the Hong Kong Junior Football League

We want to thank all the wonderful parents for the fantastic support!

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BFA U-10是由我们的足球教练从星期三,星期四和星期六的Stanley Ho体育中心的课程中选出的,欢迎来自其他场地和团队的小朋友来参加考试。

今年的BFA U-'10s队伍全部诞生于2007年,通常我们的U-10在香港青少年足球联赛中打了很多友好的比赛和比赛。


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