Kellett School (Kowloon Bay)

Kellett School (Kowloon Bay)

  • Created: January 17, 2017
  • Updated: February 8, 2017
Address: 5 Lam Hing St, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
There is no parking available at the school itself, but many buildings nearby have parking.

HKJFL matches are held on the school’s 5/F Sky Pitch. It is an all-weather artificial grass surface, so players can play with studs if they wish.

Everyone entering the school grounds needs to enter from Lam Hing Street entrance. All players and parents must sign in and out of the school at the main gate.

Then enter the building through the main door.

Once inside the school, go down the long corridor directly in front of you.

Go right to the end, and go out of the doors at the end.

Turn left and you will see a set of doors. Behind these is a lift.

Take this lift to the 5th floor “Sky Pitch”. Please do not get out on any other floors.

When leaving, you should take the lift again from the 5th floor back to G/F, and exit the same way you came in. You need to remember to sign out!

Note: There are toilets and water fountains to refill bottles beside the Sky Pitch. Please do not go to any other areas of the school, and players and parents should leave the school promptly once the session is over.

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