Futsal Classes

The Benefits of Futsal (fast-paced 5-a-side Football):

Futsal help players to develop technical skills and ability because it is played in tight spaces and unlike regular soccer, players can enjoy many more touches on the ball. Players often find themselves one-on-one against an opponent and quick decision making is important. The Futsal ball is heavier than a traditional soccer ball and smaller in size. It is designed to keep play on the ground and reduce bounce. The importance of keeping the ball helps develop fundamental skills that translate easily to regular soccer. So ball retention, quick and skilful play, and tactical awareness are a few of the benefits. Players also love the freedom the game offers them to be creative, to try new skills and to simply have fun!

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  • "BFA is amazing! We love all the coaches and they all go above and beyond. Thank you for making such a difference in my daughter's life and giving her a life long love for football. "Leah's Mom""

    Julianne Anzman

  • "We are so lucky in Hong Kong to have such a great soccer school to teach our kids, as their slogan says, how to play “The Brazilian Way!” BFA coaches are totally dedicated to the kids they train. it's a delight for me to watch my kids training with BFA"

    Claudio Salgado

  • "“It’s great to come across someone like you bringing Brazilian football to Hong Kong. I’m amazed that you’re able to effectively coach kids of such a wide range of ages by mixing fun with football — I wish you all the best.” Pelé"

    The King (O Rei Pelé)

  • "Our amazing coach makes serious football training really fun! I couldn’t believe how much my son has advanced in the short time he has joined BFA. Guided by excellent coaches from all over the world the kids started from the basics and grew together. They love it!"

    Anne Pang Jenkins

  • "My boys have been with Brazilian Football Academy for almost 5 years. I'm impressed with their structure and system of teaching football which has helped my kids to develop nice motor skills, football technique and tactics.  They really enjoy football "

    Thurston Chou

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